Mass Notifications for Businesses

Automated Voice, Social Media Messages, Text & Email Messaging for Businesses

AlertFirst is a mass communication system for business that quickly calls, texts and emails every contact on your list and posts your message on Facebook and Twitter – all at the same time.


It has been engineered  for the unique needs of smaller businesses that require a communications tool capable of sending tens, hundreds, even thousands of messages within a matter of minutes.

Key Features

Business Benefits

Businesses use AlertFirst to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers. It helps businesses improve customer satisfaction, respond faster, and grow their business, while dramatically saving time, and lowering costs. 

Communicate with your customers’ on their terms

Today, your customers use their cell phones and social media as a lifeline. You need to be innovative to stay on top by using voice, text, email and social media technology to help grow your business.

Saves Time

Your staff no longer has to spend hours making time-consuming customer notification or reminder calls. No more waiting for that expensive promotional flyer to hit your customer's mailbox. No more tying up phone lines or interrupting your operations.

Saves Money

Improve cash flow by communicating with customers more often, while reducing unnecessary direct marketing and telemarketing expenses. Call, text, or email and post a message to Facebook and Twitter for as little as 3 cents. With a first class stamp costing 45 cents, the savings is obvious.

Averts Disaster

Maintaining operations and keeping associates informed at all times has never been more critical to companies. That’s why corporations across all industry segments are increasingly focused on business continuity and disaster recovery plans that include a reliable and secure mass notification system for business.

Opens New Communication Channels

AlertFirst mobile marketing to cell phones uses text messaging for business as a method of direct communication to your audience. It’s a low cost, high return on investment tool that quickly places your business text messages in the pockets of your target audience.

Mobile marketing involves collecting cell phone numbers, using opt-ins via a keyword sent to our FREE short code. This process adds the cell phone number to the AlertFirst messaging database. Once opt-in cell numbers are collected, you can then notify this highly-targeted audience about important information, sales, special events, schedule changes, etc.

You can reserve your own keyword, specific to your business or organization. Keyword reservation is 100 credits per month, per keyword.

Send Your Message to Everyone or Different Groups

AlertFirst lets you create an unlimited number of groups, so you can create separate groups for customers, employees and more.

One System, Multiple Uses

AlertFirst's business text messaging and other mass notification tools can be used to save time and money for:

Customer Communications    

  • Build brand awareness    
  • Customer loyalty programs & promotions    
  • Customer surveys    
  • Event best wishes (birthday, anniversary)    
  • Investor updates    
  • New product announcements    
  • Order confirmation    
  • Payment reminders    
  • Product recalls    
  • Renew service agreements    
  • Rumor control    
  • Sale announcements    
  • Service call reminders    
  • Service completion    
  • Pick-up reminders    
  • Shipping notifications      
  • Special events
  • Welcome new customers 

Employee Communications

  • Assemble & deploy emergency response teams
  • Benefit enrollment information & deadlines
  • Business continuity communication
  • Call in additional staff
  • Employee accountability
  • Employee notification
  • Evacuations
  • Internal event announcements & reminders
  • Issue important reminders
  • Meeting & training reminders
  • Office closings & modified business hours
  • Routine group notifications
  • Safety alerts
  • Schedule changes
  • System outages / computer virus threats
  • Weather warnings