Calculate Credits Needed for Group Notifications

  1. Estimate the number of people on your list.

  2. Determine what types of group messages you’ll be sending.  With AlertFirst, you can send any combination of mass calls, group texts and/or bulk emails. Posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts are always free.

  3. Multiply the number of people on your list by the number of credits needed to send the particular message type.

 EXAMPLE: If you need to notify 250 employees that the office is closed due to inclement weather, and you want to send them a 30 second phone call and a text message, you’ll need 500 credits.  (250 employees x 2 credits per employee = 500 credits).

Buy More, Save More

You can save a lot of money with our volume discount pricing, so it pays to think ahead.  For example, if you estimate you will need 4,500 credits over the next several months, credits cost 6 cents each. But buying a few more credits moves you into a better pricing tier.  You save money purchasing a few more credits at the lower price.  And remember credits never expire. You will need 1 credit for each 30-second phone call sent, and 1 credit for each additional 30 seconds. Each text message sent or received requires 1 credit. You can also send 10 email messages for 1 credit.


Credits Purchased

Cost per Credit

Cost Range

500 – 4,999


$30 – 299.94

5,000 – 24,999


$250 – 1,149.95

25,000 – 44,999


$1,000 – 1,799.96

45,000 +


$1,350 +

Note: Minimum purchase is $30


Credit Calculator

Use the following table to determine which price is best for you.


Cost per Credit






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