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API for AlertFirst's Automated Reminders & Calling Service Coming Soon for Developers

Whether you're an independent developer or you work for someone else, AlertFirst will have the right tools and the support you need to integrate our automated reminders and automated calling service infrastructure into your applications.

An API will be available soon allowing you to access automated reminder features available within AlertFirst.  Your application will be able to send a request to the AlertFirst system followed by a corresponding response returned to your application.

API features will include:

  • Delete existing messages
  • List existing messages
  • Create and launch ad-hoc messages
  • Launch existing messages
  • Deactivate a message
  • Status of active messages (success/failure rates for each channel)
  • Status of past messages (success/failure rates for each channel)
  • Detailed per-call and per-text message attempt results of message activations
  • Create/modify/delete contacts

Interested in learning about our API?  Complete the form below and we’ll send you information and documentation when it becomes available.

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