Local Governments

Group Alert & Mass Text Messaging System for Governments & Municipalities

AlertFirst is an automated, mass notification system that quickly calls, texts or emails every contact on your list, and posts your message on Facebook and Twitter -- all at the same time. AlertFirst is simple, fast, secure, and can send tens, hundreds, even thousands of messages within a matter of minutes.


Key Features

Emergency  Uses

At any given moment you could be faced with an unforeseen emergency, from weather events to hostage situations to a missing person that requires communicating quickly and effectively to your citizens.

  • Natural disasters and severe weather warnings         
  • Missing person alerts    
  • Criminal activity, evacuations    
  • Terror alerts    
  • Bomb threats    
  • HAZMAT emergencies & chemical spills
  • Flu clinics, pandemic flu information
  • Safety and wellness checks
  • Emergency blood donation requests
  • Boil water alerts
  • Environmental threats & warnings
  • Precautions during outbreaks
  • Heat waves

Routine Uses

AlertFirst can also be used as a mass messaging service.  The system is designed to be a communication tool used by multiple departments and agencies for a variety of notifications.

Employee & Staff Applications
  • Employee and group notification    
  • Employee accountability     
  • Volunteer & responder mobilization      
  • Office closings & modified business hours    
  • Meeting event & training reminders    
  • Benefit enrollment information & deadlines    
  • Schedule changes    
  • System outages / computer virus threats    
  • Assemble & deploy emergency response teams        
  • Call in additional employees            
Municipality Applications
  • Street closings
  • Tax deadline reminders
  • Past due tax payment notices
  • Past due traffic ticket notices
  • Court date reminders
  • Town Hall / City Council meeting reminders
  • Trash pick-up schedule change notices
  • Snow removal notifications