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Pricing of our Mass Messaging Service

AlertFirst offers one of the simplest pricing structures for mass messaging services on the market today.  Best of all there are:

  • No Contracts
  • No Long-Term Commitments
  • As Low As 3 Cents a Message


To send and receive group messages using AlertFirst, and to buy other features, you need to purchase credits, with a minimum purchase of $30. 

Credits Purchased

Cost per Credit

Cost Range

500 – 4,999


$30 – 299.94

5,000 – 24,999


$250 – 1,149.95

25,000 – 44,999


$1,000 – 1,799.96

45,000 +


$1,350 +

Note: Minimum purchase is $30


How Do Credits Work?

  • 1 credit for each 30-second phone call sent, and 1 credit for each additional 30 seconds
  • 1 credit per text message sent
  • 1 credit for every 10 email messages sent
  • Keyword reservation is 100 credits per month, per keyword
  • 1 credit per geocoded address. SPECIAL PROMOTION. Geocoding is free for a limited time.
  • Credits do not expire. Dormant accounts automatically close after 3 years of no use, and there will be no refund of unused credits, but you will be notified via email before your account is closed
  • Unused credits are not refunded if you cancel your account prior to using all your credits
  • Future features may require additional credits

Free Features:

  • No account set-up fee
  • No recurring monthly fee
  • No cost for additional account users
  • No cost for uploading and storing call groups; unlimited contacts and unlimited groups
  • No charge for busy signals, unanswered calls or bad phone numbers
  • No cost for detailed reports
  • No cost for social media posts to your Facebook and/or Twitter page
  • No cost for opt-in keyword

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