Proactive Outbound Communication for Utilities

Mass Messaging for Small Public Power and Rural Electric Cooperatives

AlertFirst is a proactive outbound mass messaging system for small public power and rural electric cooperative utilites, that quickly calls, texts and emails every contact on your list and posts your message on Facebook and Twitter -- all at the same time.

Whether in critical situations such as outages or more everyday situations such as tree trimming, payment reminders or outage explanations, proactively calling customers will improve customer satisfaction, reduce inbound calls and lower your costs.


Key Features

  • Phone call, text and email message broadcasting
  • Send messages online or from your phone
  • No contracts, no long-term commitments, pennies a message
  • Rollover credits never expire
  • Unlimited number of separate groups for emergency and routine uses
  • Real-time reporting
  • Message mapping
  • Text-to-speech message creation to save you time
  • More features


Key Benefits

Communicate with your customers on their terms - Today, people use their cell phones andsocial media as a lifeline. You need to be innovative to stay on top by using voice, text, email Twitter and Facebook  to effectively communicate with your customers.

Saves Time - This advanced mass alerting system for utilities is capable of sending tens, hundreds, even thousands of messages within a matter of minutes for a low cost. Your staff no longer has to spend hours making time-consuming customer notification or reminder calls. Messages can be created now, for later use.

Saves Money - Improve cash flow by communicating with customers more often, while reducing unnecessary direct marketing and telemarketing expenses. Call, text or email and post a message to Facebook and Twitter for as little as 3 cents.

Maintains Business Continuity - Maintaining operations and keeping associates informed at all times has never been more critical to companies. That’s why utilities are increasingly focused on business continuity and disaster recovery plans that include a reliable and secure employee mass notification system.

Maximize Staffing - Using AlertFirst for routine communications allows utilities to re-purpose their customer service staff to higher priority tasks requiring human interaction

Send Your Message to Everyone or Different Groups - AlertFirst lets you create an unlimited number of groups, so you can create separate groups for customers, employees and more.


One System, Multiple Uses

Outage Notifications

  • Outage updates
  • Storm warnings
  • Unexpected outage explanation
  • Planned outages
  • Rolling blackouts
  • Restoration updates
  • Critical care customer calls

Billing Messages

  • Payment reminders
  • Billing errors
  • Seasonal rate changes
  • Payment assistance program information

Service Messages

  • Meter replacement
  • Meter reading
  • Curtailment notices
  • Tree trimming
  • Critical care customer calls

Internal Communications

  • Staffing & workforce management
  • Business continuity
  • Employee accountability