What Our Automated Notification System Does

Automated Voice and Text Messaging Features


AlertFirst is an automated notification system that quickly calls, texts or emails every contact on your list, and posts your message on Facebook and Twitter – all at the same time.  In a matter of minutes, your message has reached its audience, and everyone is updated with the latest information – saving you time, effort, money and stress.

This advanced automated notification system has been designed for businesses and organizations that need a communications tool or automated messaging system capable of sending tens, hundreds, even thousands of messages within a matter of minutes for a low cost. AlertFirst is simple, fast and secure.


Key Features

Additional Features

  • Unlimited users    
  • Administrative audit trail    
  • Answering machine / voicemail detection    
  • API (coming soon)    
  • Text messaging auto replies to keywords
  • Import contacts    
  • Multiple contact points    
  • Multiple language
  • Online billing summary    
  • Opt in via keyword    
  • Scheduled delivery    
  • Unlimited groups    
  • Upload message audio file